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High Heels Partner - Flexible Silicone Pad

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM3.20
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : OT50003
Category : Other
Colour : -
Weight : 100g
Product Description : High Heels Partner - Plum-Shaped Flexible Silicone Pad / heel pad (Seal Fitted)

Product Details
Detailed Description:
● Transparent color, do not stand out. Applies to all kinds of shoes. Used in high-heeled shoes, the soles of his feet on the pain, oh.
● Whole formed by the silica gel to suppress, this case is more flexible.
● Positive embossed box, the buffer, Massage, Anti-slip, comfortable.
● Smooth flat back, using silica gel adsorption self-adhesion in the shoe, not plastic. Check revealed a strong attachment and easy, no residue.
Including in the skin, PU, suede, the strong adsorption can not shift.
● can trim the edge to resize it. (Size is no problem)
● Anti-slip flat heeled shoes can massage the soles of the feet.

Than the old design of an increase of five fingers. So that treatment can be subject to the same.
A pre-paid multi-purpose hand pad, apply to all types of shoes. Absolute value for money!
When high-heeled shoes. Efforts will be in charge of the first set. So that heavier loads before hand, so tired before the hand over, and sometimes too-ping at the end, or standing a long time to wear a long time pain in the soles of the feet also. Ease the pressure on the former charge, no Luo feet.

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