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USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM8.00
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : OT50006
Category : Other
Colour : -
Weight : 250g
Product Description : USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner (Suction Card Package)

Product Details
Detailed Description:
【Name】 keyboard cleaner
【Specification】 10 * 3.4 * 4 CM
【Color】 black, yellow, green, blue (randomly sent)
【Material】 ABS
【Packing】 suction card
【Remarks】 USB interface power supply

【Product Description】 This is a mini USB vacuum cleaner designed to clean your computer to use, you do not have another computer and the dust and dirt at a loss, and then can enjoy a comfortable, clean environment for the use of computers.

1. Directly into the USB port do not need other power supply, noise, less power consumption.
2. The effective removal of the computer keyboard is not easy between the dust touched.
3. With lights in order to focus on effective cleaning.
4. The design of high-grade adjustable bit heavier dust lessons.
5. Can also be used as chassis, digital cameras, monitors, IT products, such as the main chassis of the dust

■ Help:
This USB vacuum cleaner is interchangeable front-end, the annex provides two vents. One relatively large caliber, you can draw a number of larger debris. The other is from the brush, and three relatively small component of the suction mouth, brush side to facilitate the absorption edge of the dust in the keyboard. When used to connect to the USB interface, can work to open the switch. It is very difficult to remove if they are dirty things it does not matter who provided machine POWER UP options (black button), press and hold this button to try again on OK. With a LED light in order to draw the dust rarely seen. At the same time, LED lights can be opened, which is equivalent to a very small USB light.

Product Size: 101mm × 34mm × 40mm

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