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Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM4.50
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : MK60004
Category : Mask
Colour : -
Weight : 40g
Product Description : My Biggest Woman Recommendation - Crystal Collagen Eye Mask (Three function in one)

Product Details
Biomimetic Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

Smart Biomimetic Collagen Crystal Eye Mask can rapidly reduce swelling on eye.

Major components: collagen protein, L-C, hyaluronic acid, glycyrrhizic acid, hydrolysis mucopolysaccharide
Packaging specification: 6g/Double loading

Secret report on the skin! Want to maintain youthful beauty must-read: the real loss of after-sun skin is collagen, the tanning time can also be white, but the loss of collagen, it is irreversible, if not promptly added, Then you quietly on the skin damage, aging, keep in mind that skin experts warn the United States: the greatest enemy of the skin changes is not age, but more and more sinister UV exposure, resulting in the loss of collagen! ! Almost 10 years, if not the sun, then your skin drying at least half an hour every day than their peers who want to look young 5-year-old!

Products as having the shape of the effect of the independent film sealing equipment (sheet type) type packaging, a unique 100% natural collagen protein, vitamin B5, skin in the eye to promote water and energy cycles; so that hyaluronic acid, cell growth factor, VA, VE rapidly released into the skin deep, immediately activate the activity of senescent cells; strengthen eye skin metabolism, stimulate the proliferation of collagen elastin, and enhance the flexibility of the eye skin to tighten the skin, rapid eye to reduce swelling, eye, reduced significantly by a variety of reasons, such as eye fatigue and eye problems, like Smart building Qiushui eyes.

Horny way to remove the eye: two weeks once, use can be used to scrub the eye fluid)
1. To scrub in the cotton so that droplets containing volatile alcohol
2. Gently around the eyes over
3. Pat Eye Make-up water and then wipe or eye gel

The right way Eye Mask: Eye Mask should be affixed to head out from the eye to push out the air; tear Eye Mask part should be from the first direction to the eye tear.

Elimination of eye massage: The most important point is to save Penny (brow) and Seimei points of the press, at any time than can be carried out on the eyes.

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