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Red Saint Face Mask

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Product Code : MK60011
Category : Mask
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Weight : 80g
Product Description : Red Saint Face Mask

Product Details
From the distant Greek times, the natural soil is beauty woman saint of love about products, the etching thousands of years ago the ancient Greeks demonstrated in the mud bath with the "classical SPA". It is said that ancient Roman times, Cleopatra Cleopatra ordered her servants to collect dead sea mud body painting, so that the skin becomes very delicate cheeks, the incomparable treasure of the United States after their beloved dead sea mud Why?

Natural soil is a popular component of favorite beauty

What is the natural magic of mud in the end? Today, the natural soil is still the biggest component of beauty favorite, from the volcanic and mineral mud, seaweed mud, from the white kaolin clay, a variety of natural skin-care products dazzling mud. How should we choose and use natural skin care mud? In this season of harvest, Let us return to nature, the feelings of natural soil nourishment and care.

Mud contains natural skin care ingredients to deep clean the skin

Natural soil to allow the skin to breathe carefree

Autumn, with the large temperature difference between morning and evening skin's metabolism to become unstable, not on their own metabolic waste out of the old skin left on the skin surface, not only the formation of unsightly dry skin, very easy to plug the pores, causing blackheads, and other pimples issues. Mud contains natural skin care ingredients to deep clean the skin, remove the old skin and excess waste grease, leaving your skin to breathe fun and more effective skin care products to absorb the nutrients.

Falling in love with "mud" unmatched cleaning effectiveness

Greatest advantage of the natural soil is excellent cleaning ability. Natural soil is very small molecules that can truly go deep into the pores, the pores of the elimination of excess dirt and grease, this excellent cleaning ability is unmatched by other components of the cleansing. The vast majority of clean mask contain kaolin component, with the film deposited at the skin surface temperature increases, the pore expansion to enter the soil pores in the composition will be around the dirt and hair follicle keratinocytes brought up the old waste of condensation in the mask on , and adsorption excess grease, clean fresh skin.

Dry dry instead of "mud" in the wrong

Some people use natural skin care products, soil, the skin becomes dry and water shortage, should take into account two factors: one is that your skin texture, and the second is to use.

Some skin care products specifically designed for oily skin, such as the Oil-Control Toner, powerful cleaning mask, which can be a natural deep-cleansing mud composition, balance oil secretion, if you are a mixture of skin, then these products are only suitable for use in the T zone.

Best in the training of Sri Lanka in charge of China Shen Yu tells us that many people use natural skin care products after the mud dry skin is due to incorrect use.

For example, the use of natural mud mask, the first attention should be paid to the thickness of mask, because the natural mud mask is easier to do, once completely dry, will not only fail to provide nutrition to the skin, the skin will absorb the moisture. Second, we must pay attention to time, not too much time will nourish the skin more, and the same skin will become dry.

Effect of natural soil is not just the deep cleaning as simple as

New use of the natural soil to skin after cleansing

Generally speaking, we go to the maintenance habits are horny, and then deep cleaning, skin care products use natural mud, you can try a new method: first clean, after the scrub.

Sometimes after the wash out the natural mud mask, you will not feel that the skin feels smooth, blackhead face more clearly, this is because the natural mud mask deep pores with a pore in the dirt. Some people used to wash with facial acne after scratch-off pin floating blackhead on the skin surface, in fact, that this is a harm to the skin. Mask can be washed off after use to scrub scrub and gently massage the skin will be able to remove the blackhead surfaced.

After the first scrub clean a benefit, that is, reduce the use of natural clay mask to stimulate the sense of process. Thin cuticle, and the use of natural mud mask the more obvious sense of irritation, if facial skin to go, of course, some more excitement.

Natural mud nourish the feelings of natural

Natural beauty of the effectiveness of mud, of course, not just the deep cleaning as simple as a variety of rich natural mud rich in minerals and trace elements, cleaning at the same time be able to pay for moisturizing the skin and accelerate skin metabolism, skin tight addressed, since the inside out the natural glow of glory.

Not have to worry about the soil to stimulate the sense of being nourished your skin

Natural skin care products and some mud, especially the natural mud mask, the use of acupuncture or after the skin will feel hot, the initial use of the mask is often mistaken to stimulate the skin to such an extent that the new mask to buy up frozen .

In fact, natural skin care mud brought acupuncture to stimulate the sense of not because of the skin, the skin will not cause harm, but because the natural mud rich in active ingredients, able to quickly add to the skin moisture and nutrients to dry, tired skin cells become active again. If you are a thin layer of skin, lack of water would be more strongly stimulate influenza. However, this needle will not continue for a long time sense, facial wash, you will find that the skin is more soft and full of shiny flu.

Dry skin also can be "mud" can alleviate the moisture

A lot of outstanding natural mud often dry cleaning effectiveness and sensitivity of the skin of people discouraged. In fact, dry skin does not want to dump such a natural need to "alert" because almost all contain mud mask ingredients to help mask solidification.

Some of the natural soil dry skin care products for sensitive skin or those who design, in addition to optional features are natural moisturizing nourishing mud, but also add essential oils nourish moisturizing ingredients such as licorice or components, such as relief, clean the skin at the same time added water and relieve skin.

Dry skin than those who use natural mud mask can be enough of a moisturizing mask, the efficacy of two different mask can be used continuously and will not stimulate the skin.

Beauty tips effect of natural soil

Kaolin - Oil effectiveness of strong absorption. To deep clean the skin, the pores in the absorption of grease and dirt accumulation. Control efficacy of some powder there is kaolin at work. The vast majority of clean mask ingredients contain kaolin.
White clay - deep skin to remove dirt. Cause as a sponge absorbing dark color of the dirt and excess oil, rich in trace elements.
Loess - the promotion of skin metabolism. Excellent removal of garbage and hazardous substances in vivo effect, so that pure color glossy.
Seaweed mud - almost on a daily basis for skin moisturizing. In the autumn the climate is arid, with seaweed mud skincare ingredients to add moisture for the skin to maintain skin moisture balance.
Lahar - a variety of mineral nutrition. Rich variety of natural minerals and nutrients can be added and balanced mineral composition of the skin, eliminate toxins, maintain skin elasticity to make skin more radiant.

Slime activity - particularly useful for blackhead skin. Has a unique antioxidant absorption and efficacy of minerals within the pores can not wash the dirt and excess oil from adsorption. 2. On the production date: Pak Nai green mud and production batch number, the black identification number 6. That the law of this batch at the beginning of the letter on behalf of the factory (production) years, corresponding to the following: "L" on behalf of 2000 years, "M" on behalf of 2001, "N" on behalf of 2002, "P" on behalf of 2003, "Q" on behalf of 2004, and so on. Skip the alphabet in which "O", not as the first batch of letters, because the letter "O" with the number "0" like, so do not skip. "S" on behalf of 2006.

The use of experience (posted) Green clay soil as a result of Green's primary role is to oil in addition to beans, I am a neutral skin, not acne, and allergies, it is not useful, but heard that in addition to blackhead pores close very good results on my nose or some blackhead, so we must try. Thus, from its own goods detained in a trial 28G installed, try to start my journey. Started ~ ~

Used for the first time, I would first try in the T zone, in the absence of facial mask brush, I squeeze directly in the hands of the green mud (if it is canned, and can be dug up to use tsp), and then the green clay with your fingers will be uniform painted T zone. This must be some layer of thickness, not too thin, otherwise no effect.

Tu to a face, felt a sting, a lot of homework to do to prepare adequate comparison, know that this is normal, the more painful places on the more serious water shortages. I put! Finally, after two minutes, tingling gradually eliminated, a more comfortable way.

Do not think that's it after coating, and then waiting to dry, as is certainly wrong. The correct way is to put a bottle of hand spray (any non-alcoholic fragrance spray can, if not, you can buy a small bottle of the nozzle, put some pure water can be). And then wait for the process, the feeling did face some of the mud on his face sprayed with a spray to spray, and always maintain the face of the state of the soil is moist so that it can effect.

After waiting for 10-15 minutes (the length of the decision according to their own skin, oily skin, large pores, thick skin can take a little longer time, but more than 20 minutes maximum), using facial cotton (500g box of mud is the original, have to pay the cleansing gift ball, there is no other packaging) or a towel, wash with water, mud, no face cream. Note that it is washed off, not twist out Oh.

Cleaning after a good first impression is clean, it is clear to see blackhead are being sucked out, some may be too deep blackhead, half being sucked out of it after I used that pin squeeze Doudou, the sense of accomplishment Oh. Green in the mud I used about 3 times after the blackhead nose has disappear significantly close the small pores. However, Peas, because I am not fat, do not pull this experiment.

There are many sisters told me that after the use of green mud and some dry feeling. This is normal. No matter what brand, what kind of skin care, as long as it is to oil, little water can be maintained, because it took away oil in the meantime, more water will be taken away. How do? Some sisters at the same time bought a green mud and Ha Pak Nai, staggered use. Green mud once a week, two days after the interval with a Pak Nai, so very good. In addition, exhausted after Pak Nai, it is best to use the toning water and moisturizing emulsion, better. Attention should be paid to the selection of moisturizing products, moisturizing oil is not security, it is best to select the kind of rich non-oily water sub-products, in order to really achieve the effect of moisture, it will not cause the skin pores to plug.

The use of green mud down the overall feel good, I would like to also apply to mixed partial oil to oily skin. Or, like me, try to buy small equipment used in addition to blackhead. In addition, skin allergy and sisters also do not have to worry, Adams Best of all products, including myself, I try and buy products in feedback and sisters and there has been no report of allergy. I am allergy, genetic, but the use of down, that do not have an allergic reaction. Therefore, I dare recommend to you a bold, full use can be assured.

Mud mask the use of the above methods, applicable to Sri Lanka Best Green mud, Pak Nai, pink clay, if not used will affect the use of effects, please pay attention! Finished one. Rest. . Oh, and so on to continue. . Well. Now introduced mud powder ..... Clay powder

The main function of cement powder is white applicable to all kinds of skin. The pungent taste and some green and Pak Nai than mud, smell good and look good, very popular girl's welcome. I am also envious for a long time, do not have the trial installed. Finally one day, installed in the sub-soil after a bottle of powder 500g for a bottle of their stay has been suffering Acacia solution. The effect of the use of down, let me surprise, really did not live up to my expectations, I can announce that three kinds of powder inside my favorite of the mud. Under Mody Mody. . Ha ha Open the bottle, a sweet taste of sweet-smelling from. James was surprised to face, did not expect such a sweet surprise of pink cement will also be hurt. I continue to put the powder coating of thick mud face. In accordance with the use of one side, such as water. Silly look at themselves in the mirror, face powder toot, and quite lovely, huh, huh.

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