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Crystal Cervical Collagen Membrane

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM4.50
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Product Code : MK60025
Category : Mask
Colour : -
Weight : 500g
Product Description : -

Product Details
Taiwan has the most red neck membrane-type 1 dermal effect jelly cattle Seoul strongly recommended Annie
Beautiful art presented in circles. Can be dissolved in hot water inside the membrane of the neck, that is this~ ~ ~

Baby description:
This film is a four-in-one's neck, this mask has four functions: potent moisturizing, collagen adequate rapid whitening, irritable close pores... it is very easy to use...
Apply this film you will feel more and neck thin membrane neck when the body temperature will gradually dissolve, run out of film after carotid thickness of 2mm from the original to about 1mm, to the skin to add the necessary nutrition and moisture absorption rate 98%

Product Description:
High-tech R & D from crystal clear jelly-like leather neck Aqua ~ transparent jelly gel membrane material itself is the essence of super-concentrated liquid. Powerful lock factor of up to 500 times the water of the moisture capacity. To be effective to increase skin moisture content. ~ increase the resistance to enhance skin smoothness and meticulous and very up-enough lip service from stick. can be completely isolated from air and skin contact. special as a refinement of bio-technology, like artificial skin can be completely coated. will be fully released Essence the bottom of the skin as a result of this design is the product itself to the Museum of the SPA guests Sharon drops! it is proposed that when membrane Shikishima neck Aqua ~ Sweet Heart ~ the best place in the bath after the point of their favorite music ~ the lying comfortably Apply mask in bed Aqua SPA ~ will be able to enjoy the museum's top neck membrane

The main ingredients:
Purified L-C, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, Natural moisturizing factor NMF, Arbutin Essence, the essence of liquorice, Hamamelis, such as aloe essence.

Product Efficacy:
The use of high-tech bio-simulation technology developed by the skin membrane, Nutrients can be quickly transferred to the skin deep, Deep moisture, added water, the neck skin whitening compact, Balance of fats, shrink pores, make skin white detailed, crystal clear.

~ Will be the neck after cleansing the face dry. The neck from the membrane with the membrane in order to beat out pulp (Please be careful out ~ Do not use nails or crawling would cause the breakdown of pinch force) will put enough surplus in the face of the air launch ~ enough to remove about 15-30 minutes. there is no need to clean ~ can continue with other maintenance procedures. Neck membrane as a result of this special material ~ super hydraulic lock. Botanical ingredients will not cause allergies ~ can use every day. Honey can be used with the proposed left-shuen hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, such as the use of liquid-liquid trickle-down before standing for 15 minutes. Mask on their own to increase the effectiveness of absorbing more~ ^ ^

Plant-derived ingredients will not cause allergies ~ can be used every day.
Suitable for all types of skin, especially for work, life stress, insufficient rest, UV against, easy to dry, dull, fine lines, large pores, skin roughness of the skin and so on.

Preservation methods:
Placed under room temperature preservation, can be frozen, but no 0 ℃ below freezing and heating.

For skin:
After Anti-Allergy testing, the application of any skin.

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