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South Korean Shellfish High Moisturizing Mask

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM3.80
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : MK60027
Category : Mask
Colour : -
Weight : 100g
Product Description : -

Product Details
Detailed Description:
Marine shells: the loss of charge supplementary skin moisture, and maintain water-oil balance of the skin to ease the dry, to prevent fine lines, increase skin clarity and gloss to create a water surplus of skin flu.

1, Cleansing and opened the small package, remove the mask and started to apply mature facial mask, with your fingers to fully stick facial soft reduction.
2, to relax the spirit and enjoy 15 minutes to allow the skin to fully absorb the nutrients in the mask.
3, mask discarded after use, pat the face with his hands to help the skin to fully absorb the nutrients in the nutrient membrane.

Net Content: 30g

Shelf life: 3 years

Note: Please do the sensitivity of the skin or the skin test used with caution

The need for whitening optional Walnut Ginkgo whey osmanthus wine Rose Honey Apple seaweed marine pearl
Need to improve the fine lines of rough walnut olive optional eight glasses of water osmanthus flower Ginkgo egg roe essence of deep-sea
Need to pay moisturizing olive optional eight glasses of red wine whey water marine shellfish egg Apple Cactus Flower Cherry collagen marine algae
Sensitive skin Lavender optional

The effectiveness of note:
1. Eight glasses of water: implication of deep-sea mineral extracts, the effective promotion updates fast increasing skin radiance of your skin to balance the color, fill wetlands play a strong effect of added moisture quickly
2. Green tea: green tea, fresh essence of comfort, balance oil secretion, prevent melanin formation, to improve the dull color, skin significantly improve the gloss and more effective skin moisture and prevent skin change Rough
3. Apple: fruit contains natural plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, multi-vitamins Whitening uniform color, inhibit melanin, dilute the spot
4. Lavender: to add moisture to relieve skin, can help to eliminate facial swelling, wrinkle-free water-lock to make the skin a natural gloss shine.
5. Cherry: enrichment of natural essence of cherries, can add to the growing body of vitamin C, such as lack of nutrients, shrink pores, which contains vitamins, arginine and other active ingredients, to prevent skin dark Dull yellow, which contains organic acids by the elimination of facial muscles can fatigue, skin awaken vitality, refreshing rain.
6. Deep sea roe essence: the essence of a unique deep-sea roe to the bottom of the rapid penetration to the skin for skin re-energy, the reorganization of collagen fibers flexible organization, heal the skin wrinkles and improve skin Department of tension and flexibility
7. Rose Honey: contains Rose Moisturizing Factor in depth skin moisture, add water to repair damaged skin cells in the skin to regulate the secretion of excess fat and improve pigmentation condition and deep clean Skin pores to remove dirt
8. Fresh Orange: contains natural active enzymes NIMF best moisturizing factor and then adding vitamin B3, B1, VC, and a variety of natural plant extracts to effectively stop the fatigue, pollution, radiation, drying, Caused by such factors as air-conditioning yellow face, rough and other phenomena, the essence of natural VC can play in a short period of time is many times deeper than usual whitening effect and improve the depth of the uneven face of the color, the muscle Fast Skin Whitening uniform, glossy long time to maintain moisture.
9. Ginkgo biloba: an overall improvement in uneven skin color, bleak and restore luster skin whitening.
10. Wine: contains nourishing elements of an effective multi-layered whitening beauty and purify the skin moisture, skin whitening after use, flexible, visible skin Showcase.

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