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Compression Candy Paper Mask

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM23.00 (RM46.00)
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : MK60034
Category : Mask
Colour : -
Weight : 150g
Product Description : Compression Candy Paper Mask (100 pcs)

Product Details
【Capacity / Packing】 Spunlace a non-woven fabrics are each sealed packaging, health, clean, easy to carry.

【Product introduction】 This product is compression-type mask of paper, put the liquid in use can be a natural expansion of the use of open face apply mature; non-woven natural material, non-irritating, safe; close to face, pro - of good skin; the goods exported to Japan and other countries; in line with international health standards.

Mask made ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
Tips 1. Egg White Mask: The egg white into the bowl (to egg) from the white foam to stir, add 6-8 drops of fresh lemon to mask made of paper soaked in the inside of paper to be deposited in the face after the start about 10 minutes Remove the dry cleaning
2. Milk Mask: fresh milk with a spoon, add 4-5 drops of olive oil, apply it on face.
3. Banana Mask: The pounded into a paste, peeled bananas and apply it on face, 15-20 minutes to wash away,
4. Lemon Mask: fresh lemon juice to a double after the water, soaking the paper in which the mask, took out enough in the face of 15-20 minutes to remove.
5. Honey Tomato Mask: take off crushed tomatoes first, by adding appropriate amount of honey and a little flour into a paste transfer, applied to maintain a 20-30 minute facial

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