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Shiseido Mineral Mud Mask

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM2.00 (RM2.50)
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : MK60042
Category : Mask
Colour : -
Weight : 50g
Product Description : Shiseido Mineral Mud Mask

Product Details
【Brand】 Shiseido

【Name】 mineral mud mask blackhead net consumer legislation

【Specification】 12g

【Packing】 Simple types

【Products】 paste is the soft membrane SHISEIDO by the latest technology to develop the unique element of effective acne skin play a significant effect that can quickly penetrate the skin and the blackhead extraction facial, and Extra-Firming lapi, shrink large pores, remove Reduqing achieve facial skin whitening efficacy of nourishment.

【Usage】 Cleansing will paste evenly applied to the face, after 30 minutes remove block. (There are two kinds of black and white milk Zhuang were, see you push with both hands before using)

【Tips】 warm before doing the best with a steaming hot steam distilled. (Very simple to find a basin equipped with hot water, face wash basin at the mouth (about 5-10 minutes), in order to achieve thermal shrinkage up to open the pores of the effect of contraction of pores is also a very good effect)

Note: As each display different color scheme, we can not guarantee that buyers of goods shown in the computer and the actual color of the color exactly the same; the volume size and the size of the actual error may be minor, such as the occurrence of some kind and not a website on Please, whichever kind.

Off after 30 minutes to the picture, attention must be careful when take off not too fast, because the stained mask blackhead and acne, if the fast will be revealed in pain, slowly exposing a little bit of pain there, but To your face blackhead nose, then get out of this little bit of pain still what? can look at the effect of the above picture, oh ... ...

Off can be directly after the completion of everyone in the use of the skin after the recall of millions of maintenance, the best cucumber water with a small contraction of the pores to shrink further to achieve the role of pores.

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