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OSIS Hair Beauty Powder (10G)

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM16.20 (RM18.00)
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : BC65002
Category : Beauty Care
Colour : -
Weight : 300g
Product Description : My Biggest Woman Recommendation - OSIS Hair Beauty Powder (10G)

Product Details
Before the collapse of the collapse of the hair, it suits both sides of the paste!

Step1 less not more
Do not feel the powder block, it is easy to want to have back, but I really do this as long as enough volume so as not to change too coarse hair

Step2 up pushing up the loose grasp
抹匀in the hands of powder, the use of hands Ten hair pushed up high, out of grasp loose, it will come out radian

After no longer type, like for a new modeling!

【Remarks】 MM beauty know 's professional stylists small P teachers, this is a small fluffy powder P old strongly recommend use of a super-DD, want to have hair feel fluffy by fluffy powder, great, hair twist like a washboard, and even the collapse of the soft flat hair with this effect is also very beautiful, at once to create a fluffy feeling.

Baby Description:
【Made From】 German original country of origin of imported raw materials
【Address】 Manufacturer Guangzhou Yat-long Department of beauty products can not
supplies distribution 【Net Content】 50ml/10g
【Shelf life】 Three years

DRAGON series to show off a new listing

Hot products have powder cream balls have been sold to a global shortage of myself!

Allows you to easily display the charm of changing! New packaging, new fragrance, a revolutionary new formula, so that the new OSiS the beginning of this year around the world are all listed in the following, that is caused by the wave of hot selling.

Peng-Peng powder (also known as fluffy powder) Schwarzkopf Osis + Dust It

【Specification】 50ml (10 grams)
【Product Description】 This is a pure German stereotypes imported hair products, Kou Swarovski products imported to Germany. It is also available in the market sales price is currently the most expensive products洗护stereotypes. Its effect on the self-evident. Kou Series All Swarovski products are the raw materials extracted from plants, it is absolutely safe, absolutely environmental protection, skin allergies can be absolutely assured that the use of high-grade products, which is unusual.
【Features】 apply all the quality, texture and light beam flu; soft fluffy effect can be maintained for two days to maintain the natural hair movement.
【Methods】 sprinkling appropriate use of powder in the palm and blended evenly applied on dry hair brushed out of shape and natural texture, can also be directly dry rhizogenes to create a sense of fluffy hair volume, or use a small amount of powder re - lines need to be made sense of the block on the beam.

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