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Japan COGIT Magic Leg Correction Pad

*Notes: Actual product colour may differ from the colour viewed online.

Product Price : RM25.50 (RM34.00)
(*Notes: All price are not included delivery fee)
Product Code : BC65005
Category : Beauty Care
Colour : -
Weight : 800g
Product Description : Japan COGIT Magic Leg Correction Pad

Product Details
Japan magic Timmia pad legs correction

◆ easily wind the second body shells will be able to have the legs sitting ~!!
◆ popular throughout Japan after OL popular commodity sector
◆ listed out of stock immediately caused panic buying, and then to consider as soon as the money can not buy La
◆ the right to form a natural posture, with legs straight while the back is also a
◆ aids to improve the best humpback Assistant
◆ velvet material the most comfortable, low-rebound so you sedentary also OK!!

Details of the goods

◆ OL in front of the computer or sitting in the long-term if you do not often maintain the correct sitting beneath it?
◆ beauty is also very concerned about whether you sit down after the meat from the thigh and the excess of the knee together can not close it?

All these problems to the legs of Japan Timmia COGIT magic solution to correct your pad! !
Japan leg magic legs Timmia pad can help to correct bad posture pelvic position you will return to the position it should be, just sitting up there so you can have a better posture yo!
Nature of the closure so that knees close to improve the habits of the outstanding legs of the sitting posture and so on!

Usually easier to bend over hump-backed posture, not a natural feeling to be back to straighten it more tired ...
Timmia Leg pad for correction which have been improved! And about the level of use before and after the embossing gap, not only to focus on the meat of the leg so that knee can be more closely, more able to straighten the spine of nature!
Ago after the design of low-let your body back to nature, leaning back on automatically.
About anti-fat, low-process foam is you can focus on both sides of the thigh meat, so that the internal and outer thigh muscles to intensify it even more! Unconsciously can quietly get rid Oh ~ Not only to improve leg position adjustment can be sitting right Oh! ! !

☆ the use of a comfortable material, change the United States and also very comfortable!
Low-fat, anti-foam material on either side of the thigh muscles can SHI, firm your thighs!
The use of soft, velvet texture and lovely color and shape, preferred by women!

1. Take the time to correct in order to Timmia legs in the knee pad could be just after the location of, please be seated up position after the appropriate adjustment.
2. In order to make a firm foothold, please adjust the seat height to just position.
3. After sitting position, with both hands will be prominent on both sides of the thigh meat to cushion the inside of focus, so that the thigh meat can be focused on depression cushion!

※ Note ※
Before in the habit of daily use 5 ~ 15 minutes. After getting used to gradually increase the use of time

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